is what makes skilled workers.

skilled workers

Having the right training for the right job is what makes Skilled workers the best investment for the future of all involved in the building trades.


SEMNBCT's Trade Unions provide Minnesota State Approved Apprenticeship Training Programs and continuing education to keep its members current on the changing industry standards and the newest technology's. Trade Unions also assist workers by helping them secure employment with signatory contractors while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.


Owners working with skilled workers experience an overall reduction in cost for the life of their construction project. Skilled workers means owners experience fewer delays and complications during construction, are less likely to face on-job injuries, and can rest assured knowing the work will be completed on time and on budget.

Investment in skilled workers is a long-term investment in your project, reducing lifetime costs by minimizing construction/installation mistakes that can result in costly repairs or maintenance.

Signatory Contractor

SEMNBCT helps contractors identify ideal employees and retain knowledgeable, skilled workers - reducing training and recruitment costs. Employing skilled workers builds upon a contractor's reputation – work is done correctly, efficiently, and in compliance with safety regulations.

SEMNBCT works with member Unions to help contractors secure the additional skilled workers needed to scale to the requirements of the job.

Skilled workers provide flexibility to allow contractors to meet the demands of any given job. SEMNBCT can also provide a guaranteed and certified labor pool that is well trained and up to date in industry standards, best practices and safety regulations, assuring the job gets done correctly and safely.

  • Manage growth
  • Guaranteed labor pool
  • Assist with bidding process

Signatory Contractors understand the level of training SEMNBCT helps them compete in the long term and grow their business.

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The Southeastern Minnesota Building and Construction Trades Council (SEMNBCT) is comprised of local trade unions, and includes union representatives from the entire building and construction industry.

SEMNBCT exists to provide leadership to union members, promote and support the development of advanced knowledge by skilled workers, and offers guidance and support to owners and signatory contractors.